Brown Leather Laptop Sleeve

Leather laptop sleeve fitting Mac Air 13", made from single piece of leather.

Care instructions

Why it comes with life-time guarantee

We believe beauty lies in simple things. Cut out of a single piece of leather, sewn on the sides, the laptop sleeve embraces our most simple design.

The sleeve is meant to cover your laptop while transporting it in your bag. We wanted to transform this need into a multisensorial experience by cutting and sewing it out of one piece of unfinished leather. The smell, the softness and the raw look of the leather will seduce your senses. The unfinished cut of the sleeve gives each piece a unique touch, you won’t find two of them alike.

Because we believe in long lasting values, we designed this sleeve to be timeless. It will accompany you for lifetime, completing each style you will choose to wear; aging gracefully beside you.

In order to make sure that you will enjoy it as long as you will wish, we offer you lifetime guarantee.

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